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  • sitebuilder
    Any luck with image sizes? Any idea where to read how to set up image sizes with some freedom?

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  • The Rocketeer
    hey I had the same question, how did you manage to solve it? mind sharing?

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  • Steve038
    started a topic [CMS] CMS Image Size Questions

    CMS Image Size Questions

    I hope someone can help me with this. Here is my main CMS page: I've set it up as a 1x2 column, so my newest Article is at the top of the page with a single column of its own, then each older Article is set 2x2.

    The issue I'm having is that I want my newest Article to display the image at 100%, not as a thumbnail, so it makes for a cleaner looking page.

    However, to do this, I have to set it as a 'Section Page Only' in my CMS control panel, but this displays the Article in its entirety on the Home page which can make for quite a large Home page if its a long Article. If I set it as 'Content Page Only', it displays a small section of the Article with a 'Read More >' link to the full Article on another page. However, this option sets the image as a thumbnail image on my Home page, and I want it displayed as a full image at 100%.

    So how can I get it to display the image at 100% but only have a small section of the text with a link to the full article?

    I hope that all makes sense?

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