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How do I clean up tags?

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  • [Forum] How do I clean up tags?

    I have about 200 pages or more of tags and I would like to clean up most of them. This is a big issue because it appears this caused an issue with me trying to get my board upgraded to 4.1.4. I cant see any way of doing a select all of the tags or any other way other than clicking all of the 25000 + check boxes.

    Is there an easier way to clean up my tags? Very urgent!

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    bump! my board is totally down and I think all i need to do is to delete all my tags and I should be OK ... how do I do this? Please help!


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      You can manually delete all tags with these queries (backup first):

      DELETE FROM tag

      DELETE FROM tagsearch

      DELETE FROM tagthread

      UPDATE thread SET taglist = ''
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        Is there no setting in the admincp to manage tags beyond the tag listing page? Seems like there should be a way to click on a tag in the admincp and see how many times that tag is used and where it links in the forum so if it is a misspelling of a tag, it can be deleted or corrected.


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          I used above mysql commands on vb 4.2.x database.
          and tagthread table wasn there, instead there was additional tagcontent table which contained more than million rows (around 10% od total mysql db size) so i tried to empty this table too, but always getting Internal error 500 from phpmyadmin. no matter if i use truncate table or delete from.. it succeeded when i did it from server command line.

          1kether1: that would be good
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            Three and a half year old topic. Please open your own topic if you are having issues with tags.
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