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Smiley sidebar in wysiwig editor?

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  • [Forum] Smiley sidebar in wysiwig editor?

    I've uploaded some new smileys because the standard onesare too small for our old eyes to tell the difference...

    The new ones work just fine in posts, and also if I click on the smilie button in the editor to get the pop up... BUT... to just select from the sidebar in the editor some of them appear really really tiny so you cannot se what they are...

    Is there a way to resize how they appear in the editor sidebar so I can see them?

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    Each smiley takes up the same amount of space, so the ones that are animated or larger will shrink to fit in the allotted space. This can be viewed as a good thing so more smilies can fit in a smaller area.

    I'm not aware of any easy way to fix the proportional space issue.


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      Damn - it makes them impossible to see... and some are only just bigger or the same size as ones that show... oh well...


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        Yea that is why I came to look and see if there is a fix for it. Can the folk who fix stuff address this in the next patch or upgrade? Sure would be nice to see what is there. I assume that is why the side bar is there so you can click on one fast without having to open a new window!!
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          hold ctrl then press + on your key board if you have problems seeing small things


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