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What template to modify for Registration info addition?

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  • nakedanvil
    I would just add a translation to the phrase "Please enter a valid email address for yourself" if you just want to add some text. You could even bold the part you are adding if you want.

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  • riceboi1230
    Yes this is the right place to post this message and look in the "Registration Templates".

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  • What template to modify for Registration info addition?


    I hope this is the right area,..

    Anyhow, simple question: What template should I search for, and modify to add some additional text to the user registration main page?

    I want to add in something like "Please check your SPAM folders for the email verification message, Thank You."

    I would like to add it somewhere near where the email is inputted, or near the bottom.. doesn't really matter. I would like to add it in a place other than the rules though.

    The reason I want to do this, is some percentage of users are not getting their confirmation email. I also find (a separate question) that users with safemail or hushmail type accounts do not receive the confirmation often. Anything to be done here? Anything to add to my message I am going to add at the registration page to inform users to do if they use such an account?

    Thanks so much!

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