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  • Trevor Hannant
    It shows for all users so that they can connect their existing account also otherwise they can't' use the different FB features. If you don't want it to display to registered users and therefore not give them access to these features then you will need to wrpa the relevant FB code from the header template in a conditional. Please see this guide for more information on these:

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  • Wuume
    started a topic [Forum] Facebook Connect - Button

    Facebook Connect - Button

    One question

    Why the facebook connect is showing for register users the facebook connect need to be show only

    for the user who use the facebook connect button to create new account on my forum using the facebook connect

    I have to user on my new forum and I never use the facebook connect to open a new account why I still see the facebook connect button when already have one account

    can some one please tell me how to show only the facebook connect button for the users who create a new account using facebook and not for the regular users

    Thank you sorry my spell is realy bad but im doing the best so you can help me

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