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Why do some users posts require moderation?

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  • [Forum] Why do some users posts require moderation?

    I'm using 4.1.1 - yes, need to upgrade. And I'm trying to figure out why I have some users whose posts all require moderation. I thought we had it set to not do that. Is there a setting I should check?


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    Haven't heard this is a issue on 4.1.1, I would guess the users are on different usergroups with different permission settings or all posts in one specific forum, if the last case you should check the forum setting/permissions.


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      Do you by chance have akismet enabled for spam prevention?
      Might disable it and see if that helps.
      This has happen on my forum for some reason, one user will have post moderated, one user will not even though they are in the same group and have duplicated rights.
      I disabled that option in spam management and haven't had an issue since.
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        @Loco - I did have akismet enabled. So, I turned it off. We'll see if that helps. I noticed there were a bunch of posts that required moderation, but they were already in the forums. And it's for the registered users only. So, I checked the registered users group and it is set up to follow Forum Moderation Rules. But when I search on that phrase, I don't find anything to say what those rules are.


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