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Creating One Forum for Paid Subscribers

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  • Creating One Forum for Paid Subscribers


    I am trying to add a forum for paid subscribers.

    Goal: allow registered users, guests and paying subscribers to see the forum that will require a paid subscription, and then of course just the paid subscribers to view the contents and post.

    I can see the new forum I created among all my other forums as moderator but when I log in as a registered member, I can't see the subscriber forum. ??

    Do I need to change settings on the usergroups?

    I am in the Usergroups now, trying to set the options.
    Checked the Usergroup: Paid Subscribers.
    Checked the Usergroup: registered users

    What, if any, differences are in the options for both of these user groups?

    Can someone help, please let me know what I am doing wrong.

    Thank you.

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    AdminCP> Usergroups> Forum Permissions

    To edit the permissions for any group, or to revert them to default, click Edit next to the appropriate group under the appropriate forum
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