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  • [Forum] Semi opaque background for posts

    I'm developing a style for a website that has a background image. The forum sits on that in an iFrame, and I want the background image to show through a little.

    I've sorted the forum and thread style vars to do this ok - for the relevant stylvar (e.g. threadbit_background) I just removed the background colour and added in a semi-opaque background image with a repeat. The semi-opaque layer allows the text to be readable while still having a faint background image visible.

    But I've so far been unable to see how to do the same for posts. I've set postbit_background exactly the same as threadbit but instead of seeing a semi-opaque site background image I have a plain white background. If I set a Background colour I get that colour ok (faded due to the semi-opaque image), but if I remove the Background colour completely I get white.

    That sorta suggests to me that somewhere between the posts layer and the site background there is another layer that is plain white. i.e. when I remove the post background colour it exposes a plain white layer, but I can't work out what/where that is so I can clear that to let the site background through.

    I'd be grateful if someone could point me in the right direction.

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    Someone must know?


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