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  • [Forum] Sitemap problem

    We generated the sitemap manually, made sure the clientscript/sitemap folder is writable, files are getting written to, options are set to submit to search engines automatically, etc but when we submit it to google webmaster tools, the tools shows a triangle exclamation (error?) icon under status column, march 26 under downloaded column, 307 under URLs submitted, and 0 under web index.

    We tried rebuilding sitemaps and resubmitting the xmlsitemap.php several times but got the same 0 pages in web index. What are we missing and how to correct this issue? We have another site and its sitemap shows 800 links under web index with no errors.

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    Hover over the icon and see what it says.

    it usually takes some time (a day or two) to index after submission.


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      When we resubmit it, it displays a gray clock icon indicating a pending status. After a few hours or a day or two, it is turning into a triangle with an exclamation mark. The icon does not display any bubble help on hovering over it. For our other site, the status icon is a good check mark.

      We just clicked on the sitemap link and here are the details:

      Sitemap Status Type Downloaded Submitted URLs in web index
      vbulletin_sitemap_blog_0.xml.gz [triangle] Sitemap Mar 10, 2011 1 0
      vbulletin_sitemap_cms_3.xml.gz [check] Sitemap Mar 27, 2011 5 0
      vbulletin_sitemap_forum_2.xml.gz [check] Sitemap Mar 27, 2011 297 0
      vbulletin_sitemap_thread_1.xml.gz [check] Sitemap Mar 27, 2011 4 0

      Each of the above files are prefixed with a '/xmlsitemap.php?fn=' but I pasted only the file names here in this post so they do not wrap.

      The first file /xmlsitemap.php?fn=vbulletin_sitemap_blog_0.xml.gz that displays a triangle with the exclamation mark (caution.png) seems to have some problem. However, none of them have any URLs in the web index, maybe due to the above error.

      Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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        so only blog is not showing green check? do you have blogs enabled? some posts in blog?


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          That's right - there is a problem with only the blog site map.

          There is one blog post on our site (viewable by non-logged-in guests/public) which is why it is showing 1 for Submitted. However it is showing 0 for URLs in web index (not indexed).


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            not all urls are always indexed. try posting some more blog entries.


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