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[ARG:5 UNDEFINED] error on login-logout pages - help needed...

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  • [Forum] [ARG:5 UNDEFINED] error on login-logout pages - help needed...


    Since some time i have some problems.

    Problem 1. When the user mistype his pasword you should have normal this message:
    You have used 1 out of 5 login attempts. After all 5 have been used, you will be unable to login for 15 minutes.
    I have this:
    Je hebt 1 van de [ARG:5 UNDEFINED] pogingen tot inloggen gebruikt
    (its in dutch, but say ' you have used 1 out of [ARG:5 UNDEFINED] login attemps.)

    Problem 2. When the user logs out, you should have the mesage:

    All cookies cleared!
    • Return to the page you were previously viewing
    • Go to forums index
    On my site the Url of 'Go to forums index goes to:[ARG:3%20UNDEFINED]

    So here the [ARG:3%20UNDEFINED]...

    I think these problems are related to each other, but no idea what is causing this...

    Thanks for helping me out,

    Best regards,
    Dutch Pc Helpforum -

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    Go to relative phrases! They have changed!
    Check my site and don't worry if it's all Greek to you
    It's all Greek to everybody


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      You need to update the translation of those phrases for vB4. They changed some variables ({1} etc.) in the phrases, causing the undefined variable errors when you don't reflect that change in your translation.

      1. badlogin_strikes and badlogin_strikes_passthru phrases
      2. cookieclear phrase

      You can find a summary of all phrases needing an update at the "Find Updated Phrases" part of "Languages & Phrases". - Belgian/Dutch computer and technology site
      DownloadsII - Add a downloads database to your vB 4


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        Thanks Jelle !

        Worked as you suggested, i have a lot of translations to do i see :-)
        Dutch Pc Helpforum -


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