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  • [Forum] Lots of spam registrations

    There are a lot of people registering in my new VB4, and my old VB4 as well. I checked the option for Email Confirmation, and am using recaptcha as well.

    Does anyone know how to prevent these spammers because it's really time consuming to moderate and remove them all the time.

    My forum is and if you want to take a look. Windows 8 Center is latest version. It became so bad I had to close down registrations for Windows 7 Center.

    Thanks for any advice.

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    Please see this thread for things you can do to fight spam: How to Reduce Spam and Registration Bots
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      Started to type my solution here, but will PM instead. Don't want spammers to read how I handle them.


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        Enable Questions and Answers.
        Make a few of them and enjoy your forum.

        vB5 is unequivocally the best forum software, but not yet...


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          I had a ton of luck with a combo of two free mods from I wrote a tutorial about it here. . This only works well if most of your visitors come from the US, UK or other countries that don't generate a huge number of spammers. The basic theory is that you block all registrations that aren't on your safe country list and the rest get nailed because the only way to mask their IP as a US address is a proxy or VPN. All the proxy's and VPN's are in the black list so they get stopped by the second free mod.

          I should note that that is in addition to everything in the article posted above. This combo blocks around 100 spammers a day on a large forum we run.


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            Originally posted by beishe8 View Post
            Enable Questions and Answers.
            Make a few of them and enjoy your forum.
            1 more vote for this. From time i put questions and answers not a single bot register on both forums I own, and in past I get 50-100 per day...


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              My forum's been online for 4 years and was plagued with spammers until I did two things: 1.) Simple question and answer, and 2.) put all new members first 3 posts into a moderation queue before promoting them to Registered Unmoderated usergroup. Actually #2 is hardly needed any more as the Q&A seems to stop the spammers dead in their tracks, but I keep it in place to prevent hit & run troublemakers.


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