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vBulletin security issue?

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  • [Forum] vBulletin security issue?


    My forum was recently hacked (and I'm using the newest version of vB). Someone got in, and disabled my admin account and was posting forums/topics from my account as well as other people's.

    I can't get into my admin account anymore, how could this have happened? I never shared my database information with anyone and my FTP account is secure as well.

    This must be a vBulletin Security flaw.
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    Are you on a shared webhost? How did you determin that this is a vBulletin issue? You have no third party hacks, addons, or any other software on the entire server that could have lef the attacker in?


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      Please see this thread on how to make your vBulletin more secure:

      If you are still being hacked after doing all of this, then they are most likely doing this by accessing your server. You need to contact your host about this.
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