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  • [Forum] URL Help Needed!

    I can't figure out why my homepage website is .com/forum/content.php instead of just .com

    And when you click the forum tab on the front page it takes you to .com/forum/forum.php
    That's not what I want! I redirected forum/content.php to just the regular .com but I can't figure out what to do for the forums, and that only works if you type in the site in the bar. if you click on the front page while you're on the site it will go back to .com/forum/content.php

    How do you make the URL the normal .com and .com/forum et al?? I assume I need to rename a file or something to that effect but I can't figure it out.

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    Still searching for the answer. my vbulletin files are in public_html ---->forum-->*here* which I think is why when i go to my forum it ends up being .com/forum/forum.php

    My question is how do I clear this up to just be .com/forum??


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      rename forum.php to index.php and edit the settings paths in admincp
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