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Why is the printed output so large?

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  • [Forum] Why is the printed output so large?

    I don't understand why the printed output of both text and images is so large from my forum. Here's practically the same post (text/images) on two different vBulletin forums
    - UKGSer
    - Morocco Knowledgebase

    They look practically indentical on the screen and the UKGSer thread prints as expected, yet the text and images from Morocco Knowledgebase thread are so large as to be impractical. Any ideas how to resolve this?


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    The text and image sizes on both sites are identical. If you're using firefox, check you zoom size.


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      They look identical on the screen using both Chrome and IE, but if you print (or use print preview in IE) you will see the results are totally different.


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        I've attached a PDF showing the print output from the Morocco Knowledgebase forum.


        I also have the same problem with this forum—when I do a print preview on this thread or print it, the text is much larger than acceptable. I've now tried this on three separate machines, using Chrome, IE and Firefox.


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          Any ideas? (bump)


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            Is there a reason you aren't using the printable view ( If you are going to use the regular page and print it, I'd suggest creating a Print Stylesheet and then you can set the font to whatever you want.

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              Yes, I've never heard of printable view before.

              After doing a bit of digging I've found the feature under 'thread tools' but I can't imagine the typical first-time visitor is going to know about it, and in any case the images aren't displayed, so unfortunately that's a non-starter. In searching, I've found some discussion on this at

              I'm really quite surprised I'm having to do some customisation in order to get my Bulletin 4.1.1 forum to do something as basic as printing like the 3.6.8 version at UKGSer.


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                Just use Ctrl + p!


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                  I need to find an answer to this.

                  All I want is for users to be able to print a copy of a thread with the relevant photos. Without any of the text going missing or the photos cropped (so long as they are reasonable size, i.e. less than, say, 800 pixels wide). This shouldn't be rocket science.

                  I'm quite happy to have a go at doing a modification myself (eek!) but I've searched but can't find any useful reference to 'print stylesheet'. Searching this forum for 'print stylesheet' brings up this thread. I've also searched 'printthread customisation' without any joy.


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