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Conditional for error case?

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  • [Forum] Conditional for error case?

    Is there a template conditional available for when something throws an error and loads the standard_error template?

    I don't need anything super strict. I tried to make a condition in the strings:
    {vb:rawphrase vbulletin_message} == {vb:raw navbits.lastelement}
    to get 'vbulletin message' == 'vbulletin message' but that is out of scope and doesn't parse.

    Anything similar or an available variable i can use?

    Tried searching but "error" just doesn't get me anywhere....

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    Erm, how can there be a template conditional for when another template is called?
    You'd really just want to edit the STANDARD_ERROR template, unless I'm missing something?


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      Basically, i'm trying to turn off ads on error pages. ie, goto threadID 999999999999999999999999999 which doesn't exist and you get the "no thread specified error". On pages like this, it is against most ad networks TOS to display ads. Since navbar parses on these pages, i need to wrap my ads in something to not display them on these types of pages.

      This is actually a new in vb4 error for me. Using the same wrap in vb3, the ads did not show, as desired, on error pages.


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        How are you displaying the ads?


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          Just standard DFP JS code wrapped in template conditionals.

          Basically, i need another match in this big conditional to meet the "none" display case based on some variable.

          <vb:if condition="($forum[forumid] == 68) 
                  OR ($foruminfo[forumid] == 68) 
                  OR (THIS_SCRIPT == 'guestsearch') 
                  OR (THIS_SCRIPT == 'search') 
                  OR (THIS_SCRIPT == 'advertise')  
                  OR (THIS_SCRIPT == 'rules') 
                  OR (THIS_SCRIPT == 'showgroups')
                  OR (THIS_SCRIPT == 'login')
                  OR (THIS_SCRIPT == 'register')
                  OR (THIS_SCRIPT == 'blog_usercp')
                  OR (THIS_SCRIPT == 'blog_search')
                  OR (THIS_SCRIPT == 'blog_report')
                  OR (THIS_SCRIPT == 'blog_subscription')
                  OR (THIS_SCRIPT == 'blog_inlinemod')
                  OR (THIS_SCRIPT == 'usercp')
                  OR (THIS_SCRIPT == 'private')
                  OR (THIS_SCRIPT == 'subscription')
                  OR (THIS_SCRIPT == 'payments')
                  OR (THIS_SCRIPT == 'newthread')
                  OR (THIS_SCRIPT == 'newreply')
                  OR (THIS_SCRIPT == 'invites')
                  OR (THIS_SCRIPT == 'memberlist')
                  OR (THIS_SCRIPT == 'online')
                  OR (THIS_SCRIPT == 'member')
                  OR (THIS_SCRIPT == 'spiders')
                  OR (THIS_SCRIPT == 'profile')
                  OR (THIS_SCRIPT == 'faq')
                  OR (THIS_SCRIPT == 'sendmessage')
                  OR (THIS_SCRIPT == 'calendar')
                  OR (THIS_SCRIPT == 'itrader')
                  OR ((THIS_SCRIPT == 'calendar') AND $_REQUEST['do'] == 'add')
                  OR ((THIS_SCRIPT == 'misc') AND $_REQUEST['moderator_stats'] == '')                            
                  OR ((THIS_SCRIPT == 'gallery_search') AND $_REQUEST['searchid'] == '')
                  OR (THIS_SCRIPT == 'gallery_upload')
                  OR (THIS_SCRIPT == 'THIS_SCRIPT')
                  <!-- none -->
          <vb:else />
          AD CODE


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