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  • [Forum] Returning to 3.8

    In upgrading to 4.1.1 (from 3.8.4) the database crashed right after entering my customer ID on install/upgrade.php. I immediately remembered that I had a plug-in that I had not disabled (not sure if it's the culprit, but could be).

    I'm attempting to go back to 3.8.4 to start over. I have re-installed the 3.8.4 files (copying over the 4.1.1 files). I'd hoped that I would then have immediate access the CP, but the site is still down. I'm now waiting for my back-up (which was done immediately before the upgrade attempt) to be reinstalled.

    Any reason this shouldn't work?

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    Just the files? Not the databases?


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      I uploaded all the 3.8.4 files and am waiting for the backup database to be re-installed.


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        I had hoped that simply returning to the 3.8.4 files would have made the forum active again, but it must have just barely gotten into the 4.1.1 install, screwing that hope.


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          Originally posted by Peter Reuss View Post
          I uploaded all the 3.8.4 files and am waiting for the backup database to be re-installed.
          Try when you have the old Back-up on


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            I believe you have to update to 3.8.6 PL1 before you can do the 4.X update?


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              Originally posted by traen View Post
              I believe you have to update to 3.8.6 PL1 before you can do the 4.X update?
              It is recommended to be at 3.86 PL1 but not required to upgrade to 4.1.1 -- Coming from 3.8.4 should not pose any problems since the changes between 3.8.4 and 3.8.6 are not significant.
              To be updated...


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                Can you try going to /install/finalupgrade.php ? That might work..
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                  Well most addons for VB 3.8.x are not compatible with VB 4.X, so be careful with that. I had such an experience before, took me a while to figure out what went wrong.


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                    Did you forget to run the upgrade on a testbed too, before you ran it on your live site?
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                      OK...I've returned to the backup database from before I tried to upgrade...I've uploaded the 3.8.4 files, but still getting database errors.

                      Do I need to delete all the files and upload them clean? Do I need to upload the install file and officially install them? I assumed putting them back in place would make them work.


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                        What are the errors?
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                          In attempting to load the site I get IE's general 'Database error' page (The database has encountered a problem). Not sure how to pin it down more specifically than that.


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                            The first time I did it, I got this at the bottom of my screen (Error in my_thread_global_end(): 1 threads didn't exit )


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                              OK..I'm a moron!

                              I forgot to look at the error e-mails...this is what I get:

                              Database error in vBulletin 3.8.4:

                              Invalid SQL:

                              SELECT forum.forumid, forum.lastpost, forum.lastposter, forum.lastposterid, forum.lastthread, forum.lastthreadid, forum.lasticonid, forum.threadcount, forum.replycount, forum.lastpostid, forum.lastprefixid, user.usergroupid, user.homepage, user.options AS useroptions, IF(userlist.friend = 'yes', 1, 0) AS isfriend

                              FROM forum AS forum

                              LEFT JOIN user AS user ON (user.userid = forum.lastposterid)
                              LEFT JOIN userlist AS userlist ON (userlist.relationid = user.userid AND userlist.type = 'buddy' AND userlist.userid = 0);

                              MySQL Error : Unknown column 'forum.lastposterid' in 'field list'
                              Error Number : 1054
                              Request Date : Sunday, January 30th 2011 @ 02:22:42 PM
                              Error Date : Sunday, January 30th 2011 @ 02:22:42 PM
                              Script :
                              Referrer :
                              IP Address :
                              Username : Unregistered
                              Classname : vB_Database
                              MySQL Version :


                              widgetinstance 262 (Related Topics) skipped due to lack of content & hide_module_if_empty option.