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time limit for editing posts??

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  • [Forum] time limit for editing posts??

    I'm running 4.0 and have my user premission set so they can edit, but not pyshically delete their posts.
    It seems after 24 hrs or so they can no longer edit their posts.
    Is there a way to extend the time frame for them to make edits?

    I cannot seem to find it.

    Thank you

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    That setting is here:

    Admin CP -> Settings -> Options -> Message Posting and Editing Options -> Time Limit on Editing of Posts
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      Hey THANKS !!


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        Does anyone have any opinions on how long you let your users edit their posts?

        I have been getting requests from user to delete their account for various reasons, breaking up with the wife not wanting her to see stuff he posted due to spend money. Another guy said he is filing for workers comp and had made posts about doing physical activities and afraid lawyers might see it ...etc.

        I have it set now for 24 to edit. After that the edit button disappears.

        I am reluctant to delete accounts because it would mess up the flow of threads, plus I think any thread they started would disappear.

        Thanks for any thoughts and input


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          Originally posted by ACLineman View Post
          Does anyone have any opinions on how long you let your users edit their posts?
          Everybody is different... so you would get a lot of mixed responses.

          Average time for any site I'm involved with is anywhere from as short as 15 minutes to as long as 24 hours. (the 15 minute one is a heavily trafficked politics discussion site, people just LOVE changing what they wrote to change the direction of an argument.)

          If you have your permissions set correctly, then users shouldn't be able to 'delete' or remove threads. They probably should be able to edit their posts, but not remove the thread entirely.
          To be updated...


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            Yes I have it so users cannot delete threads and can edit them up to 24 hours, before that options goes away.

            Thank you