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  • [Forum] Default Prefix

    In my moderator discussion area I would like a single prefix titled "Mod" so they stick out in the new posts search. I've forced the use of the prefix but I would like "Mod" to be the default, not the "no prefix". When there is only one prefix and you are forcing them to use it, you should not have to use the drop down to select it. Is there a way to make the only prefix available the default over "no prefix"? Thanks.
    Jake Crause

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    There's no way to do this in the default vBulletin code.

    However, let me suggest this to you: Thread Prefix Mod
    To be updated...


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      Awesome. Installed. Thanks.

      I do wish that a thread moved from a forum with no prefix would take on the prefix of the forum it's moved to.
      Jake Crause


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