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Serious usability issue with vb4

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  • [Forum] Serious usability issue with vb4

    I have been running VB4 for a couple of days now and noticed something strange. When you click on "reply with quote" the "reply to thread" button is displayed at the bottom of the form. It calls you to click on it when done typing, like a submit button but, it takes you the advanced submit form which causes you to lose all of your input.

    When you click "quick reply" the "reply to thread" button is once again displayed, this time, above the form. Slightly more out of the way but, still too close for comfort IMHO. Which begs the question, why above in one case and below in another?

    Since I ran into the problem I have had multiple users email me saying that they lost their whole post because of this mix up and its easy to see why.

    1. This button should be removed or put into an inactive state if a user is quick replying. The button to "go advanced" and "post quick reply" should become the focus of attention.
    2. Can someone at VB suggest the easiest way to remove that bottom "reply to thread" button if the user is in any kind of quick reply mode?

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    ...I believe are what you are referring to. Place your vote on it to show the importance and hope they'll adjust it at some point.
    To be updated...


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      Ugh. How did I run into a usability issue after only a few new posts on 4.x yet they released it anyway? Its a matter of very basic simple usability testing. This isnt 4.0, its 4.1.

      Thanks ENF, voted.


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        Ugh, only 13 votes. This is one of those serious bugs that people dont even realize is serious because most people probably dont take the time to complain. Trust me when I tell you, you are infuriating your users who do this and everyone should vote for this fix.

        VOTE NOW!


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          There's a neat little bit of Javascript you can put in that makes the buttons disappear when the Quick Reply buttons are clicked. Linked to in one of my recent posts on the same subject. Though you will lose the "double click" functionality of the button when you do this.

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            +1 = 14 votes now

            I like the post new thread option

            How do you post a new thread as a forum anyway? And if you try you get
            Sorry! This forum is not accepting new posts.


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              I just voted for that one as well. I would be nice if they were combined since they are both about hiding buttons that dont make sense.


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                infuriating. i voted.


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                  I agree they should be tied together and it is a bit infuriating


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                    How do we raise more awareness? One little post/question and people are instantly piling on. I think this is much worse than people will ever understand because usability is so often overlooked and the last thing to be fixed. This is BUG, plain and simple. It makes the software unusable for the typical web user.


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