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  • [Forum] Last threads instead of New Messages


    I have the forum "New Messages" showing the new messages in the forum, when I see one of them, it disappears from the list if I check "New Messages" again.

    I want to display there the last threads where people post something and not disappear if someone sees it.

    Where can I set up that or something similar ?


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    Anyone ?


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      Not sure I understand. If you click on a New Message, then it is not longer new anymore. Please explain what you are trying to do.
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        Yes, for example if I click new messages in the board I see the last new messages, but if I click and see each one of them and then click new messages I have no messages at all, because I already saw them, which is expected.

        The idea is to see the last active topics in the entire forum even if I read them, so the new messages become the last messages. Make sense ?

        That way if in one week theres no new messages, I can come back and see the latest ones people were active in, if I saw one but not reply to it, I can come back and do that later, etc...



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          You need "Today's Posts" rather than "New Posts".

          Change your link from "getnew" to "getdaily".

          Eg, on this site:

          would become:

          You can search for "getnew" in the navbar template and change them to "getdaily". It's a good idea to change the text from "New Posts" to "Today's Posts" also (you can do this with a phrase)

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            Is there a getweekly or getmonthly ?

            Where can I see the available ones ?



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              There isn't a weekly or monthly version, no.

              In vB3 you used to be able to append "&days=xx" to the end, where "xx" was the number of days. However this doesn't appear to work in vB4 as far as I can tell.
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                The idea is to get a list of the last active topics in the forum, no days, hours, etc... Just the last active ones all the time.

                How can I do that ? Because daily will have the same effect as new ones...

                Also how to disable the marked as read and disappear from there, the idea is to have always the last active topics, always.



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                  Anyone that can help with this ?


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                    I would like to achieve the same thing as you, Polle.

                    At present, I'm trying to figure out the way the search mechanism works, then I might be able to write a plug-in.

                    Any further discussion will have to be taken to the site, I think.


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                      Still looking into this.

                      I want to see all the last messages in the complete forum, not just the new ones for me.

                      If I go to see new messages, then go and come back later I will no see the last active topics, I see nothing, as I already seen them, so thats really bad, I dont want to search for topics to see the last ones, I just one to see the last active topics in order, from the last to the beginning in pages.

                      I am sure this can be done, can someone please share a solution ?



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                        I think I can help you out with this one, Polle. The answer you got in post #5 in this thread really is the key to it.

                        I have my forum running this way, and everybody sees the same thing, whether they have read the posts or not.

                        The navbar still reads New Posts, but the link is to:

                        "..(my site)../search.php?do=getdaily&days=10&contenttype=vBForum_Post"

                        The result on my forum today is two pages of posts going back to 5th April, for each one it gives the thread title, a link to the latest post, and the name of the forum or subforum where the thread is. Each thread appears only once, even if there have been several posts added to it in the past ten days.

                        It has been said that 'days=NN' doesn't work, but I think 10 days is the default for the function and that suits me. I haven't experimented with other numbers in of 'days=' because I don't have the time.

                        If you want to compare by looking at my site, please PM me. I don't want to post my site's URL on a public forum such as this.


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                          Hey woodscooter, thanks for sharing.

                          Actually it worked but using just "search.php?do=getdaily&days=1000".

                          Do you know where can I change New Messages to something else ? As my forum is in other language, where can I also translate that ?



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                            Log in to the Admin Control Panel. On the left, find Languages and Phrases. Open it and click on Search in Phrases.

                            Search for Text: new_posts_nav Search in ... Phrase Text and Phrase Variable Name. Click Find.

                            This will come up with the phrase New Posts, which you can translate or modify if you wish..

                            I don't know where the phrase "New Messages" comes from. You mentioned it in your post #1. I don't think it is a standard vBulletin phrase.

                            The phrase variable name 'new_posts_nav' is used in the navbar template, which you can find in Styles & Templates > Style Manager.

                            Hope that helps.


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