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  • [Forum] Changing header logo

    I have read it up in other threads but still i do not know how to change the vb logo header to my own logo.

    I have upload my logo to images>misc>myimage.png

    And then i go to Style Manager>edit template>header,

    and this is where i am stuck, where can i change my logo name over the vb_logo name.

    Please advise. Thanks

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    AdminCP -> Styles & Templates -> Style Manager -> Edit StyleVars (Drop down menu) -> ImagePaths -> titleimage

    Edit the location with your file name and path, save.
    To be updated...


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      i found one solution like this:

      Admin CP -> Styles & Templates -> StyleVar -> ImagePaths -> titleimage

      Got it .. Thanks..


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        I wish the developers of vB would make it more simpler for us to change the defaults


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          I still can not find it. :gaa:


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            You have to upload your own logo via FTP.

            Upload it to the /images/misc folder in the forum folder, then log into your admin control panel

            Styles & Templates > Style Manager > StyleVars (from the drop menu)

            Enter into the search box: titleimage . In the Title Image, replace what is there with the name of your logo image.


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              Hello, I tried to make this change and get this error instead:

              Fatal error: Class 'vB_DataManager_stylevarurl' not found in /home/vg004web04/64/05/2010564/web/FF_Forums/includes/functions.php on line 129
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                in some cases i've right clicked on an image to see if it is possible to tell what the filename and location of the image is by looking at the properties
                if the name is there (for the logo i believe it is vbulletin4_logo.png, i go to the folder where it is located and change the name of the default image to TEMPvbulletin4_logo, for example. i then put my own image in the same folder with the original name and when the software goes looking for that image it finds my image instead of the default and displays it. there's probably a more technically correct way to use the software to do the same thing but that works for me. maybe it will work for you too.


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                  I know, you can also edit the header template directly and the funny thing is that I didn't even try the stylvar way on my other fresh 4.1.1 install, I edited the header, same as here, but I still would like to know why I would get that error. I haven't tried editing any other stylevars but that could be quite an issue if it persists.
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                    Still looking for a reason for the error above, this is a fresh install with no addons at all.
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                      Fit in the future please start your OWN thread for your OWN issues and do not hyjack others threads. Please start by reuploading the default vBulletin files, if this does not work please start your own thread/ticket on the issue.


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                        Sorry Zach and OP, don't know how I missed your sig. Zach that worked, thanks.
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