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  • [Forum] Set up Paid Subscription - Paypal

    The current paypal page for Instant Payment Notification (IPN) Setting is different from the Vbulletin Documentation.

    The url to be entered as written in the Documentation is:

    The forum folder is with the "S".

    My forum url is

    Just to double check with you guy as i do not want any mistake made. Since my forum folder is without the "S".
    So does that mean my URL to be enter in paypal should be this instead?:

    please correct me if i am wrong. Thank you.

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    The URL should match YOUR URL not the documentation. That is just an example.

    In your case, yes, enter the URL to your forum that works. (without the s)
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      Now i am into the "Add subscription" Section.

      The registered user has to pay for subscription in order to get into the premium user group.

      At the " Add Subscription" section, the primary user group is the "registered user" and the additional user group is the "Premium user"

      or should the primary user group be "No Change"

      which is the correct way to do it? i am unsure what to choose in the primary user group and additional user group.
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        It depends on how your have your permissions setup.

        In *most* cases, I think people just tack on the extra permissions with an 'additional' user group added.

        I've done it both ways and it just really depends on how your original permissions are setup.

        I personally don't like having people assigned to more than one group, so I usually change the primary user group. That group contains all of the normal permissions plus the added premium benefits. I found that it gets really complicated when you have people assigned to two or more groups and need to change things around. I like simplicity.
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          I kind of figure out what primary and additional usergroup means.

          Primary usergroup is the main group of the user such as registered group.

          Additional group mean this use has involved in one more group and enjoy the features of this additional group BESIDE his primary usergroup that he is already in.

          am i right?


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            So Primary Group = Registered User + Special Secondary Group = All benefits of regular members + the goodies of being in the secondary group as well.
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