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Forum problems - multiple. HELP!!!

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  • [Forum] Forum problems - multiple. HELP!!!

    Really don't know where to start.

    Since the spambots started registering en masse, our forums been having issues.

    Today alone:

    AVG is flagging up the site as a problematic site again (hasnt done this for a few weeks now)
    One user has had issues logging in. Password rejected multiple times, but then worked eventually.
    Another user has apparently posted images, only to get a notification that they are pending approval. That's not something we've set up, images auto approve (and I can see the images anyway)
    Other users are saying they're having issues posting in certain fora. It seems some of the permissions are auto disabling.

    Please, someone, help. I've NO Idea whats going on...but somethings broken and I don't know where to start!

    Our forum is at > making use of Vbulletin since 2008

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    Delete all the spam bot accounts that you can find. One thing you can look for is the date of birth they enter as It's usually the same for all boys.

    Next try setting up some test accounts of the various usergroups that you have and test for permission problems, can you replicate what's happening to your users?


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      Most of them were 1 Jan 1980 - all accounts now gone.

      One of my admin has just re-set some of the permissions, but I'll go dig out an old test account and have a looky through. 2 minutes. > making use of Vbulletin since 2008


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        It's easy to find them if you know what you're looking for. You'll probably find there isnt any real issues with the site, more the users getting confused.


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          Nope, there's definately something wrong somewhere.

          User attachments are now set to needing mod approval again - and I stress this, we have NEVER enabled that feature. Attachments have always worked fine until now, and I'm not even sure how to disable that!
 > making use of Vbulletin since 2008


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            Update - having to approve new posts / attachments in one particular forum that we've been using fine.

            In the post control, by edit / reply etc the posts in question are flagging up Moderated Post / Spam Post? All due to the inclusion of attachments/image links.

            Any help appreciated!
   > making use of Vbulletin since 2008


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              'Spam post'? Is that from an add-on? Do you have any add-ons installed?
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                One or two.

                I followed a guide on here / last weekend to install some new anti-spam software to stop the bots.

                I've disabled that spam scanner add on, but it seems permissions are reverting themselves regularly. Even posts made by admin group are being flagged up as 'requiring moderation'
       > making use of Vbulletin since 2008


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                  Do you have Akismet on in AdminCP > Settings > Options > Spam Management > Anti-spam Service ? If you have anything other than Disable Scanning on there, try disabling it.

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