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Getting an error message when I go advanced

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  • [Forum] Getting an error message when I go advanced

    Hi! When I press "Go Advanced" in a private message's quick reply area, on the next page it will give the error:

    The following errors occurred with your submission

    * Please complete both the subject and message fields.
    It happened in this very forum as well, because I tested it here to see if it's not something from a modification.

    ps. Also the entire forum of is backwards. Everything left is now going right. It's not Aril fools day yet is it? *lol* Is anyone else experiencing this? I haven't visited in a month so I'm not sure if this is a new thing or what. This is so funny, but it's also kinda hard to post this way, I needed to type this in a text document and Copy & Paste it in to post.

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    Not sure what is with the PM issue, but check the language setting @ the bottom of the forum back to english.


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