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$vboptions[forumhome] does not appear to be updating to new URL

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  • [Forum] $vboptions[forumhome] does not appear to be updating to new URL

    Hi Guys

    I have updated my forum into the root of my website.

    The forum works fine and going to my website brings up the forums and everything looks nice.

    Weird thing is. Any links to my forum in my template are still pointing at the old url (

    I've checked the template and the link presented is based on


    I'm assuming this is taken from the domain I set within

    Adminc CP > Site Name / URL / Contact details

    This is set to (without a trailing slash) however it's not getting picked up for some reason and continues to point to my old url..

    Weird I know. Anyone have any ideas? Should I be setting this URL somewhere else?


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    When you say "Any links to my forum in my template" - can you be specific about what you mean?

    Do you have an htaccess file? Or you use seo? Can we get a link to see this happening? Also "$vboptions[forumhome]" should not be in any of your templates (and is not in any of the default templates). That is the old format and won't work invB4.

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