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possible to hide the date of posts?

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  • [Forum] possible to hide the date of posts?

    Is it possible to hide the date of posts that appear in threads?
    If not how do I update all the dates on the threads?

    For instance if all my posts show that they were made on 1/4/2005 is there a way I can update the counters so it appears as 1/4/2010 ?

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    You could hide the dates of the posts by just removing the post date in the template (postbit or postbit_legacy). Find some lines like this:
    <span class="postdate {vb:raw post.statusicon}">
        <vb:if condition="$show['announcement']">
            <span class="date">{vb:rawphrase x_until_y, {vb:raw post.startdate}, {vb:raw post.enddate}}</span>
        <vb:else />
            <span class="date">{vb:raw post.postdate}<vb:if condition="!$show['detailedtime']">&nbsp;<span class="time">{vb:raw post.posttime}</span></vb:if></span>
    If you want to remove all dates, even dates on announcements, remove all except the red and replace with just a non-breaking space - & n b s p ; (remove spaces). If only on the posts, the just remove the blue part and replace with the non-breaking space.

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