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  • [Forum] Attachment issue?

    I've got an attachment issue in the forums.

    There is an unpleasant background image, however there is no such an image in the albums anywhere. I investigated the image on the background, and found it from the user's album, however when viewing it, there was a completely different picture. Now the user deleted the different image with the same ID, but the background image stays.

    There is at least 1 more account with the same issue. I tried to update necessary counters, but this didn't help. Maybe there is something more i can do. It happened after the latest vBulletin was installed.

    I hope someone knows what to do.

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    screenshot please
    we can't see the link without loggin in

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      Sorry about that, the link below is viewable without logging in:


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        The source of the background:

        But, it seems to only appear when I click on your link in post #3. If I click on the users and come back by clicking on "View Conversation", it's changed.

        Changes to this one: (which has been removed)

        Meh, I'd revert their profiles back to the default and have them start over. Man, can't look at those pages too long. :S
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          Hi again,

          Manually reverting backgrounds to back isn't a bad idea, however to find all the users is hard. And this might be a vBulletin's bug, and this might help the others too

          We looked into the issue more carefully and found out the following.

          We enable profile customization when it came available the first time (vB version 3.8.x.) By upgrading to one of the earlier versions of 4.0.x we lost profile customizations, but when we upgraded to 4.0.8 and some days later to 4.1.0 the profile customizations were brought back.

          Now the issue is that a lot of users who used profile customizations before the upgrade to 4.x.x have an odd background set in certain parts of their profile:
          - the background of their visitor messages between the user and another user.
          - the background behind their albums, but only when you click the "more" albums button in their profile.

          See for example the member SuzyE730:

          The odd background can be seen here:

          Those odd profile backgrounds are attachments that are posted somewhere on the forum. For the above mentioned example, the odd background find its origin here:

          Those attachments can be posted by any member anywhere on the forum. Thus the odd background that appears at a member's profile doesn't have to be posted by this member him/herself.

          When we go to the profiles of the affected members in ACP, and edit their profile customizations, the url of this odd background is present there. And this is the only place to get rid of these odd backgrounds. Which means: even when the member changes their profile background, the odd background will stay present at the determined locations.

          Furthermore, the edit profile customization option in ACP is only available for the members who made use of profile customizations before the upgrade to 4.x.x. There is no edit button in ACP for members who only started to use profile customization after this upgrade. And last not least, the values that ACP shows for profile customization are old values - the ones that the members used before the upgrade to 4.x.x. Even when a member changes their profile entirely, ACP will keeping showing those old values. When we try to change any of those values in ACP we will get the error message: "You entered one or more invalid values when trying to customize this user's profile." as soon as we hit the save button.
          The only thing change we can make is removing the background picture.

          Is there any way to:
          - remove all those odd backgrounds at once?
          - have only up to date values for profile customizations in ACP.
          - make profile customizations of all members editable in ACP?

          I hope someone knows what to do


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