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  • Scottt
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    • Feb 2010
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    [Forum] Default Signature off in forums????

    Member can have sigs in our 4.1 forums, But where do I turn them all defaulted off in forums and make the member click on any post to show them.

    I know it's somewhere and it's driving me nutty.
  • ENF
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    • Apr 2002
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    • 3.8.11

    EDIT: If you are just talking about just DISPLAYING signatures, you'll need to edit your default user registration options to disable "Show Signatures" and then to put this in place retroactively on existing users, you'll need to run one of the canned SQL queries from your ACP, to disable "Show Signatures" on existing users. The rest of this message has to do with users displaying their signature on each thread/post they make.

    AdminCP -> Settings -> Options -> User Registration Options
    AdminCP -> Maintenance -> Execute SQL Query* -> Drop Down Menu (right side) -> Off - Display Signatures

    * denotes requirement of your user ID to be included in the config.php file to execute queries.

    This is a swing off the hip... but...

    There's no real option by default in vBulletin to FORCE users to have to check that box each time. There is a check in the vB code that sees if the user has a signature and if they do, the box is checked automatically. Otherwise, if they don't have a signature configured, the check-box is empty.

    I know that this code exists in newthread.php, newreply.php...

    Here's a sample:

    // signature
            if ($vbulletin->userinfo['signature'] != '')
                $checked['signature'] = 'checked="checked"';
                $checked['signature'] = '';
    Then in showthread.php, there's another variable to show the signature checkbox or hide it: (for quick reply)

    // set show signature hidden field
        $showsig = iif($vbulletin->userinfo['signature'], 1, 0);
    If I'm not mistaken, you'll need to edit these areas so that the check box has to be checked by the user vs. automatically by the system.

    This is a complete guess since I can't test it from where I'm at right now. Others, please jump in here with thoughts.
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