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Adding a Caption to images in a CMS article

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  • [CMS] Adding a Caption to images in a CMS article

    Has anyone figured out how to add a caption to images that are in your CMS articles. I know how to do it by placing the image in one cell of a table and the caption in another, but honestly I have had so much trouble with tables being buggy that I hate them.

    I am currently using this styling code in the image settings box to align my pictures but cannot figure out how to put a caption to the image. By a caption I mean below the picture for it to show something like "Figure 1" and that way I can refer readers to the image in the text by saying refer to figure 1.

    I currently use this style in the image settings but cannot figure out how to add a caption.

    Also did anyone ever figure out what the description box was for in image settings?

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    There is no default functionality for a caption. The Description box fills in the description code in the images html tag.
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      Any news about this? There are two stylevars vbcms_article_image_caption_font and vbcms_article_image_caption_colors, but I think they are without function?


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        I haven't heard anything.