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User/Member Profile Screen w/ Invisible Text - Bug Closed Incorrectly?

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  • [Forum] User/Member Profile Screen w/ Invisible Text - Bug Closed Incorrectly?

    I just upgraded to VB4.1PL2 in my development environment, and with my custom theme I'm still having a weird problem with invisible text/UI elements on member profiles specifically. I don't have this problem ANYWHERE else.

    It seems like, but then that's been closed out, with a petition to reopen.

    I haven't customized userprofile.css at all in my custom theme. The difference seems to be related to StyleVars; for example:

    color: {vb:raw button_text_color};

    In the default theme, this gets set to a color. In my theme, it gets set to transparent. I didn't intentionally set it to transparent, and for the life of me I can't find the StyleVar being referred to - it doesn't seem to exist.

    Going a bit crazy - any suggestions?

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    It's an odd sort of bug

    We upgraded two of our live-site licenses yesterday and this bug is showing up in every level of usergroups for one of the sites, but no problem of any kind on the other site. Both sites run on the same server, same platform, running the same version of vB (4.0.1-PL-2).

    The only difference is that the site with no problems has a clean install on 07-28-10 (it also uses the default skin).

    The site with this error has been running vB software for the past 7 years or so, and it has some customization -- but it worked fine on vB v.4.0.6 (which was the last version before this latest upgrade).

    I looked, but couldn't find the StyleVar that could be causing this either....

    Hopefully, someone will have a timely solution soon.

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      Even on my forums, the theme that was in use from before upgrading to 4.1.0 pl2 works fine with profiles.

      But a new skin which was added after the update, the profile pages show all white links until customized by user.

      Is there any solution to this?


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        More StyleVar problems?

        It was my understanding that the entire reason that the StyleVar system was implemented was to prevent upgrades from causing these sorts of issues (transparent text, etc.). This seems like something that vB needs to address and quickly. I'm seeing other issues with StyleVar variables that are affecting our member's use of the forums. Easter-Egg Blue backgrounds instead of the previously styled gray and and an odd problem with the pagination displays. All of this works fine with the vB default settings -- but that's not how this is supposed to be working and I hope that a solution is found quickly.


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          I am experiencing a similar problem. Should I create a new thread?

          See here:

          The text is directly related to my header_background color under stylevars > common. Roadtripper you try editing that line to see if that is the case?

          Why does it work here on my blog page with different colors?

          I am also using 4.1 PL2.

          Thank you for your help.


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            Are bumps frowned upon?


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              No bumps are not frowned upon but only do it once every 24 hours if you can wait.

              Read post # 8 in this thread to get this fixed. If you have 4.0.8. If you have 4.1 it does not work, I just tested on my test sight that has 4.1 and it still does not work.


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                I don't understand why it's so difficult to get the bug reopened. Multiple confirmations here, multiple confirmations on the JIRA issue, I tweeted about it (not that I expected that would have an impact, but I did include "#vbulletin" so MAYBE those running the vb twitter account would see it), plus I opened a support ticket that still hasn't gotten a response.

                That's a lot of avenues and a lot of users all saying the same thing... if it's this hard to get this bug reopened, I can only wonder about the numerous others that may have been closed out prematurely...


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                  DJ, I was able to fix this by taking the image that was used as the shadow (images/gradients/gradient-grey-down.png) in stylevars > header > header_background

                  and replacing that gradient overlay image with what should be the color of my regular header. I created a small tan square for what my header_background color is supposed to use:

                  I then set it to repeat instead of repeatx

                  I then changed the header_background color to a dark blue so that the text on my profile pages will show up.

                  Now my profiles and header look properly. (although I can't use the gradient shadow anymore) I'm not sure what else uses the header_background color.

                  See "working" profile here:

                  Terrible hack, but it seems to work so far for me.


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                    Thanks for the hack

                    Yikes, I don't think that will work for us, but thanks for the idea!

                    This is really a problem for us -- We are experiencing a higher registration rate than normal and the personal profile pages are nearly useless. I really hope someone from vB is able to respond quickly!



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                      Just go to your Style vars and search for 'color' and go through and adjust all of the ones that are transparent. Make them NOT transparent with black or something like that to fit your style. Solved my issue.


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                        Style Vars is NOT the way to solve this!

                        This problem has arisen because vB has enabled the possibility for users to customize their profiles. Somehow the default settings for those of us who use StyleVars (and not the default vB settings) have resulted in the text settings having white as the color instead of black, or some darker hue.

                        We are advising our members to customize their own profiles so that Module Text, Module Link and Button Text Color be manually changed to black (#000000). We're also advising them to change the header background to white (#ffffff)

                        And then at least the profile problems are fixed.

                        Happy Fortune to all of you!



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                          i just did an upgrade from 3.8 and encountered the same problem..

                          but before i opened up again, i customized my own profile according to style and set "set as site default" - and then i disnabled the possibility to customize profiles so my users never become the wiser..

                          its not pretty - but its an option


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                            I have the same issue with transparent text, etc in member profile. Still no fix?


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                              No fix via Stylevars atm unfortunately
                              Bluepearl Skins - vBulletin 4 & 5 Skins


                              widgetinstance 262 (Related Topics) skipped due to lack of content & hide_module_if_empty option.