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Adding Tags To Existing Threads in vbulletin4 ?

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  • [Forum] Adding Tags To Existing Threads in vbulletin4 ?

    How can I add tags to existings thread in vbulletin4 ? Anyone knows ?

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    manually you just add them. There's a couple of automatic tagging mods over at vb:


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      Yeah manually I want, but the probblem is I dont see how to add the tags in other users threads
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        do you the add tags button here?

        down below quick reply?


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          Yes i saw the add tags button, and I also saw this button on my forum in all my threads. My probblem is I cant see the add tags button in other users threads


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            To to your usergroup manager > your usergroup > edit > Can Tag Others' Threads > Yes

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              Fixed now. Thanks Lynne


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