Is this possible? Point me in the right direction please!

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  • kupatrix
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    • Nov 2010
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    [Forum] Is this possible? Point me in the right direction please!

    As I was typing this I narrowed down what I want:

    What I would like is to add a custom dropdown menu that only certain usergroups will even see (easy enough via conditionals) that would allow whoever can see it to "choose" an option. This option would then be output to the postbit as part of a DIV tag's class (ie: class="postheader <custom drop down menu option>")

    So in essence it would be something like the following on the new reply template:
    Dropdown Menu Options:
    Then this would be in the postbit template wherever I want the extra class
    ... class="postheader/postbody/whatever <vb:if condition="customdropdown">{vb:raw something}</if> ...
    Where the {vb:raw something} would output "first", "second", or "third" (truthfully even if it was a custom field where you'd have to just input the option manually would be fine)

    This was easy enough to accomplish using a custom profile field and just inputting the class name I wanted specifically and then using {vb:raw post.field10} to stuff it in the postbit template where I wanted; but I decided to try to go deeper and be able to decide on a post by post basis whether to use an extra class, or maybe even use a different one (say an important announcement/thread I could make the background of the postbit area on my post slightly red or something) or not use one at all so it appears like everyone else's posts.

    heh... so I hope that makes sense. Please point me in the right direction, I would great appreciate it. I checked and did a bunch of searches, but honestly I don't even know what to search for because I'm not entirely sure what I want to do.

    Even some suggestions on what I should be looking for would be great, thanks!
  • Trevor Hannant
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    Not something I've tried or seen anyone else discuss to be honest but this is a topic for I'm afraid.
    Vote for:

    - Admin Settable Paid Subscription Reminder Timeframe (vB6)
    - Add Admin ability to auto-subscribe users to specific channel(s) (vB6)


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