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  • worried
    Senior Member
    • Dec 2008
    • 684
    • 4.2.X

    [Forum] Groups Question

    I've tried looking this up. Basically, I want a private group like a private forum where non-members couldn't access it. It this possible?
  • punchbowl
    Senior Member
    • Nov 2006
    • 3903
    • 4.0.x

    Set it as invite-only in group type and tick the box Users must join to view the content


    • worried
      Senior Member
      • Dec 2008
      • 684
      • 4.2.X

      There's a tool bar on my group with Admin. I click:

      Admin > Edit Group

      I see a dropdown box for Group Type (i.e. Invite Only) but no box for "Users must join to view the content." Was this removed from 4.0.8?

      EDIT: Found it:
      admincp > Settings > Options > Group Options > Allow Join-to-View Groups

      Then the option appears when administering the group:

      Admin > Group Options > Users must join to view the content
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