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  • [Forum] Help with colors and skinning

    ^ That's the link to our forum. So what I am trying to do, because vbulletin 4's css editing is so different from version 3. I am currently in style vars.

    I want to replace the green borders over each board, with an image.

    I also noticed that the white background the forum sits on, is also connected to the white color of the cells and rows. But I want to replace the white color of the background the forum sits on, with an image. And color the white cells and rows of the actual forum, black.

    The black description text for each forum? I wanna make that white. And also the text that says this...

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    by Mr.Horror

    I wanna make that white also. I also need to know where to go to change the color of the green bar above the user cp.
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    The link is broken. ._.


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      I just clicked it and it works fine.


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        Link does not work!

        Does now. LOL


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          See if this work for you. It's only the forum blocks at the mo.Don't shoot me if its not quite right first time.

          Create a additional.css template in your style and place this code in it,

          .forumhead + .childforum .L2:first-child .forumrow, .forumhead + .L2 .forumrow {background-color:#000000;Color:#ffffff}
          .forumbit_post .foruminfo .forumdata, .forumbit_post .foruminfo .forumtitle, .forumbit_post .foruminfo .viewing {color:#ffffff;}
          .forumbit_post .forumstats li, .forumbit_post .forumstats_2 li {color:#ffffff}
          .lastpostlabel {color:#ffffff}
          .forumbit_post .forumlastpost .lastpostdate {color:#ffffff}
          .time {color:#ffffff}
          .lastpostby {color:#ffffff}
          .forumbit_nopost .forumbit_nopost .forumrow, .forumbit_post .forumrow {background-color:#000000}
          See how you get on.... Taz
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            Okay I did that and nothing occured. I was supposed to create a new template in style, place the code in, and hit save right?


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              Yes you must call it additional.css (Dont forget the css else dont work)


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                yeah your hosting is a bit hit and miss, however its seems to be working now.

                As far as your problem with figuring out the stylevars Trevor made a good video guide on using firebug to find which stylevars you need to edit:


                Firebug is an addon for firefox, i think chrome has something similar built in, and i haven't used ie in donkeys years so i have know idea about that.

                You could check the stylevar dictionary at

                And there's also the site which is more of a visual guide to the stylevars, its not perfect and a few stylevars are missing, but its enough to give you a rough idea.
                My Site:


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                  Code above been updated.

                  Admin control panel -> Style manager -> (Pick you template and click down arrow) -> Add new template -> Title = additional.css + code


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                    Okay thanks for the help. Taz your code worked, but how can I get it to show over the entire board? Because right now, it's only coming up on the home/landing page. Also, is there any way I can extend the forum bit to cover up the white gaps currently showing in between each board?


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                      The forum blocks was what you requested. The rest of the site will work with the style vars.

                      This sould make the background black for all the site

                      .body_wrapper {background-color:#000000}
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                        Just to let you know the code in the addtional file will override any stylevar changes you make.

                        Remove code as you need or just comment out like this to disable

                        /* .body_wrapper {background-color:#000000} */


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