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Styling - make the toplinks always in "hover" state

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  • Mark.B
    Aw shoot, I've fathomed it now, but you do need a bit extra CSS floating around to do it....

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  • Styling - make the toplinks always in "hover" state

    Here's the latest minor thing that has got me baffled and if anyone can think of a way to sort this, it'd be great.

    When you are logged in, the links at the top (settings, log out, my profile) get a background around them when you hover over them.

    When you are NOT logged in, the equivalent links have the background all the time...albeit the text is much larger.

    What I'd like to do, is make it so those toplinks have the hover background all the time, not just on hover.

    So far,sorting this without messing things up has eluded me even though it ought to be quite simple.

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