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why is cms only fluid to about 775 px???

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  • [CMS] why is cms only fluid to about 775 px???

    In trying to make a fluid style, I can get everything to scale properly, except in cms. The forums, blogs, etc work fine. In the cms when I hit about 775 px the article stops scaling, but the rest of the page continues to scale down, making for a weird look. Is this an additional setting or stylevar that I'm missing, or is it a bug?


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    Might have something to do with the giant youtube video?


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      This happens on all cms pages, content or none, sidebar, no sidebar, firefox or chrome, it seems pretty consistent. The video scales up and down with the rest of the cms content area. I even just checked here on vbulletin and it appears to do it as well. If you go to the cms section and scale your browser down, you will see that the rest of the page(header, navbar, etc) will scale down farther than the cms content area.


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        I personally never concern myself with anyone running less than 800 pixel wide. At some point any layout is going to get screwed up. You actually have enough people running 640 X 400 to worry about it? Most people are running 1024 or more wide, with maybe a few running 800 X 600.

        Ya can't design everything for the lowest common denominator. I don't design for people running dial-up either. I try to design for the future not the past.


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          This is for the future. Facebook is supposedly working on adding back support for iframes in a page tab, and I'm working on seeing if I can't set up a skin to make my site fit within a facebook tab. This would be huge for site traffic, it's just that the page tab size is 520 px, and vbulletin likes to get messed up for my site anyway around 775 px


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            I have no problem going less than 775px on my CMS. It probably has to do with what grid you are using. If you set a sidebar to xxx px and set another area to xxx px, then those are set and you can't scale like you could if they were percentages.

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              I have a fluid style on my site, it's set to 98% and i've not seen the issue you have here.. When I scale the browser down its still ok, I have 2 sideblocks on the CMS and everything scales ok..


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