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  • plutonash
    Senior Member
    • Sep 2009
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    • 4.0.0

    [Forum] User Profile Tabs

    Could anyone tell me how to change the background colour of the tabs and under line of the user profile page? Please see image.

    Also, is it possible to change the pre-selected tab to About Me?

    Many thanks
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  • plutonash
    Senior Member
    • Sep 2009
    • 116
    • 4.0.0


    I edited the colour directly in default profile (id -1) of the vb_customprofile table in the database. The field is module_background_color.

    I only have 1 user that has customised so I changed his too.

    I still don't know how to pre-select a different tab. Surely this should be an admin option with an overide in the user cp?
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