Why new blog entry doesn't appear in the main blog page?

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  • myfiesta
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    • Nov 2010
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    [Blog] Why new blog entry doesn't appear in the main blog page?

    Hi from Spain,

    I'm new in the forum. I've a problem with the main page of my site blog.

    One user started the blog activity two days ago with an entry in his profile blog. In my site I desire the blog to be public, so I thought that blog entry would appear in the main page of the blog, but it didn't.

    Now, the only way to read that entry is enter in that user's profile.

    I tried to configure the blog options to solve that issue, but I couldn't. I don't know where and How I can do that.

    Please, may you help me to configure that. I think, here, in vbulletin community, the blog works in that way. People write an article in the blog and automatically it appears in http://www.vbulletin.com/forum/blog.php

    Thank you
  • Steve Machol
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    • Jul 2000
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    What are the privacy settings for that user? Can you provide the relevant links?
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