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4.0.9 release date?

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  • [Forum] 4.0.9 release date?

    I'm really needing to patch my profiles problem, which is to be fixed in the 4.0.9 release. Can someone tell me when 4.0.9 is set to be released?

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    No release date yet, this release here on vBulletin was to test the mobile stuff we are running vBulletin 4.0.9 Sprint 1 at the moment.


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      Is it possible then for vB to release a patch for the profile fix that is apparently coming in 4.0.9 since there is no firm release date for 4.0.9? Would help a lot of members who have been waiting for the profile feature for a long time to be put back and in working order.

      I am worried that in the meantime we customize a default profile so we can enable the profile customization and the members do their profiles and then 4.0.9 comes out with the profile fix. Is there a chance that this will screw up the profiles done already.


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        Yes with SVN you can merge versions and include fixes you need so when it approved by QA you can incorporate it in a version. It can even be that for us vBulletin 4.0.9 will never be down-loadable but that we continue with another version that has more stuff in it.

        There is always a change that that can happen but i think the developers can make something that profiles done get saved before they alter stuff.


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