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  • Zackw
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    • Aug 2010
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    [Forum] Set style on a specific user doesn't work

    Hi. Maybe somebody can help me figure this out.

    I'm trying to design a custom style, based on another style. So I've created a child style and changed the variables I want to change.
    This is on a production forum so I want to test it first before I make it default. I figured I'd just go in to one my user accounts that I test with, and change their default style. So I did, I just found the user, and in their options (from backend) I picked the custom style.

    Problem is, that user still sees the old style.

    I don't want to turn on ability to choose styles, I don't want the drop down box on the production system.
    It seems to me there should be a way for me, the admin, to pick a non-default style for a user even when user-selectable style is set to no? Right? Some kind of override?

    Another option that would be handy is to set styles based on groups. So if I had a group of people with visual problems that needed a different style, I could place them in a special group that uses a different style.

    Lastly, is it possible that I could turn on user style selection but NOT have the drop down on the pages? In other words, they can only select the style from their control panel.

    In general, what is best-practice procedure for testing a style?
  • Steve Machol
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    • Jul 2000
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    You cannot test this with a user's account unless you allow users to change styles. You can test it as an Admin though.

    Removng the style selection box from specific pages will require manually modifying the appropriate templates.
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    • nakedanvil
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      • Mar 2010
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      If you don't allow choosing, then they can't choose. Why don't you want to include the drop-down? I don't think you can have one and not the other.


      • Zackw
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        • Aug 2010
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        • 4.0.x

        Ya that's the issue. I just need a "test bed" area to test template changes before I apply them to the main template. But I can't set it to a user, I can't set it to a forum. Not unless I make user-selectable templates a global option. But obviously I don't want to do that cause I don't want people choosing development templates!


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