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Custom style inheriting CSS & StyleVars from Default template!?

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  • [CMS] Custom style inheriting CSS & StyleVars from Default template!?

    I've seen no solutions for this after searching the forum.

    I built a custom style on native 4.0.8 using the Default style. It is not a child style but a full separate style. All my custom code, CSS, & StyleVars worked for about a day.

    Now my custom style has started inheriting all CSS and StyleVars from the default style. Infact all the other custom styles currently installed are doing the same thing - ONLY template edits done to each style are being applied, NO CSS or StyleVars. Changing a Var in the default style shows the effect in all other custom styles - even though in ACP those custom styles still list the custom Vars.

    How can this be fixed?

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    What do you see when you look in the page source and then take a look at the css files that are called?

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      I've had this problem since I upgraded..
      for me the source code looks like this:
      css.php?styleid=24&langid=8&d=1288753840&td=rtl&sheet=bbcode.css,editor.css,popupmenu.css, reset-fonts.css,vbulletin.css,vbulletin-chrome.css,vbulletin-formcontrols.css,
      any help?


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        What version of vBulletin are you running?
        Are users allowed ot change styles in the admincp? Settings > Options > Style & Language Settings > Allow users to change styles

        Have you done a hard refresh?


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