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  • bszopi
    Senior Member
    • Nov 2009
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    • 4.1.x

    [CMS] CMS Sitemap Issue

    I guess I never really paid attention to it, but I was looking at the Google Webmaster Tools and noticed that I have 61 CMS URLs submitted, but none are indexed. So I looked at the XML file that was submitted, and noticed all of the URLs where similar to the following:

    So yeah, that's not right! The only thing I can think of is that I have my CMS being redirected to the root via the method mentioned back when 4.0.3 (or so?) was released - created several php files (content.php for example) that contained the following:

    define(VB_RELATIVE_PATH, 'forum');
    chdir('./' . VB_RELATIVE_PATH);
    Would that cause the sitemap to get screwed up like above?
  • bszopi
    Senior Member
    • Nov 2009
    • 839
    • 4.1.x

    Shameless bump to get ahead of the profile customization issues...


    • Lynne
      Former vBulletin Support
      • Oct 2004
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      If you think your modification is causing the issue, then disable the modification and rebuild the sitemap for the CMS and see what happens.

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      • bszopi
        Senior Member
        • Nov 2009
        • 839
        • 4.1.x

        Lynne, always the voice of reason...

        I'll try to dig up the thread or article that described how to do it, and try to revert and see what it does.


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