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  • [Forum] 'Add new section' doesn't seem to work


    On my Home CMS page, I want to have 7 or 8 sections. There are 5 sample ones on installation. I can rename these, but I can't add new ones. Is there a limit of 5?
    Also, they appear in alphabetical order along the header line. Can I adjust this order however I want?


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    What error are you getting when you try to add via AdminCP > vBulletin CMS > Section Manager?

    To change the order, edit the section you're in and you'll see 'Sections to Display in Navbar Sub-Menu' - you can change the display order here.
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      Problem resolved after hours and scores of different changes including a complete reinstallation and a hundred dollar phone call to my american hosting company because there was an http 500 error (only informed on ie8 browser) and ticket support told me it was my host. It wasn't. I just needed to click a single button: Clear CMS cache.

      Why wouldn't that be suggested as a starting point? What a waste of time and money. The new CMS categories aren't showing on the Home screen CMS header properly though. They're in the wrong order, and only 5 out of 8 sections are showing. Is there another 'Clear cache' button or similar I should know about?

      So many problems....It's a fresh install.

      PS. Please don't be literal with my words like 'sections', 'categories' etc. I think they mean different things to vbulletin. I'm just speaking English.


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        I found out where to find this information. It was in the sample information that came with the installation. See, I never know when there's an error or if I need to source information from manuals, forums, the website where my login is a number, the website where my login is my name, my webhost or my ftp program, or whether I've made a typo in config.php, or anything else. It's a massive maze. Every question, and I have hundreds of them, takes me at least an hour to find the answer to. The search box at the top of this website NEVER provides any information that's relevant to my query. I was so frustrated last time that I stopped installing vbulletin after spending $450 on it (5 weeks savings) on it in March. I really hope I don't burst a vein in my forehead trying to set this up this time. I expected paid software to be trouble free, with easy to find instructions on anything. I recommend a decent search function - exact phrase matching by default.


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          As I replied to you in your ticket, I've never seen clearing the CMS Cache resolving an Internal Server Error. That message, by it's own description, suggest server error.

          Looking at your site, I see 8 sections in the subnav:

          * ACT
          * NSW
          * NT
          * QLD
          * SA
          * TAS
          * VIC
          * WA

          Is this correct or is there anything you're still having an issue with?
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          - Admin Settable Paid Subscription Reminder Timeframe (vB6)
          - Add Admin ability to auto-subscribe users to specific channel(s) (vB6)


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            Wow, The two character subnav options worked. I tested that for hours.
            I'm using vb 4.0.8 now.

            Yes, I have another question about the navbar.

            1. How do I create a link section for the navbar submenu?

            Each state has:

            What's On | Auditions | Jobs | Training | Chat | Reviews | Directory

            I want the chat submenu button to take visitors directly to the relevant forum.

            I have created an article in the ACT>chat section called 'Proceed to ACT chat' and inserted this html as a static page:

            <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" "">
            <html xmlns="">
            <link rel="shortcut icon" href="favicon.ico" >
            <meta http-equiv="refresh" content="1;url=" />
            <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8" />
            <title>The Theatre Network NZ</title> 
            I selected 'Make available for subnav' but it does not appear. What am I doing wrong?

            2. Also, how can I create a drop down menu instead of / using a sub menu?

            3. How do I hide / remove the Forum or any other button from the navbar? I want people to see only the CMS - the forums will simply be a 'chat' links.

            4. How do I make ACT's first CMS page the number one subsection - What's On? I need the sections to be category headers with no information (not a blank page of course, but the admin-selected subsection page should open instead of a section welcome page).

            Also, how do I come back and read all my posts to see if you or other people have replied on this forum? Also, why do I keep getting logged out of this website? Am I on a timer? I keep losing my responses. I click the connect button when the log back in screen flashes up but then it thanks me for logging in and gives me a white screen.


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              1. I figured out subnav listing:
              a. Create 'Chat' article in 'ACT' section, ensure it's published and 'Make available for subnav' is selected.
              b. Click the pencil as admin next to large 'ACT' CMS section title.
              c. Go down to the subnav check box and select 'Chat' as one of the options. Save.

              I think I know what I need as navbar options now:

              Instead of Home | Forum | Blogs | What's New, I want the states listed. (I will need a second or third row when I get a license for other countries with 50 states or so.)
              Each state will have drop down menus. Subnav menus will be more to do with 'View Your Posts' etc.

              What's the best way to do this? Are there any vbulletin based website galleries?

              Also, I need to enable random banner ads (the ads are made by me, not Google Adsense), and I need ''featured CMS listing' subscriptions to convert one forum post to an article to make it an ad. Somebody might choose to post an Audition, so they pay me $10 for that for 30 days, and another might want to post a What's On event, which I'll charge $60 per 30 days for. They should not be able to post several ads - only one.


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