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  • [CMS] Users Can't Post Comments on CMS


    Simple problem - When I first launched the CMS on my site, comments worked fine - however now I have people reporting (and tested) that comments can't be made on articles anymore. I have a few mods/products installed on the site, but not really anything to do with the CMS, so I can't pinpoint if any of those have had an effect, or from when the problem started.

    But, possible someone with better knowledge can lend some advice, maybe see if comments aren't being sent properly within the code or something? You can type in a comment as usual, but when you submit it, it refreshes the page and there's no comment made.

    For info; I've tried clearing the cache, I've reverted all the CMS templates back to defaults incase any of my minor text changes might have altered things, etc. - but no luck thus far.

    My CMS is at:

    Thanks in advance if anyone can help or advise.

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    Disable mods and see if things go back to working and you will know if its the mods then start one by one till you get the one causing the issue
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      Cheers for the advice.

      Sadly disabled all the mods, only to find that the problem is still there - at least I know it's not the fault of mods though. Anyone able to suggest anything else? Bit lost here!


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        Have you looked through the permissions? Can people post comments in your vbcms comments forum?
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          Something I hadn't thought of, thanks, but yes, just checked and people have permission to post there. Hmm!


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            Sorry to double post and pester, but anyone else able to help on this? My users can't comment on articles until this is sorted


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              Did you change the permissions or settings for the vBCMS Comments forum? That would cause this too.
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                A predictably stupid simple setting I'd forgotten to change with the vBCMS Comment Forum, and it's sorted.

                (I'd assumed having "Forum is Open" set to no would prevent people from posting new topics in the vbCMS forum, but still allow comments on articles themselves - assumed incorrectly!)

                Cheers for the help.


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                  Check the setting in admincp > settings > options > content management and make sure the comments forum is still set. If that isn't it I would recommend you submit a support request with an admin login and we'll debug it.

                  (Edit) I was posting this as you were typing.
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