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  • clubvr4
    Senior Member
    • Aug 2010
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    [Forum] Infractions question

    I'm getting a little confused.

    other than the manual, which isnt helping me can someone suggest a good guide, with examples of how the systems works and a suggested set up?

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  • clubvr4
    Senior Member
    • Aug 2010
    • 111

    Ive looked through the manual and forums but im still unclear about one thing, hopefully someone can advise.

    ill try to keep simple.

    we have 3 Automatic bans.

    6 Points - 1 week posting ban
    13 Points - 2 week posting ban
    20 Points - banned

    I've implemented 3 offences.

    minor 1 point,
    medium 3 points
    major 7 points.

    I want to focus on the major infraction level, which is

    Title - "Infraction - Major"
    Points - 7,
    Expires - 80 Days

    If i issue a major infraction that user will end up passing the 6 point Ban and be placed in the usergroup which prevents posting/replying for 1 week.

    Question is: Once that 1 week person has passed, will that user remain on 7 points for the next 73 days?

    Additionally, if he incurs another Major infraction he/she would go beyond the 13 points and end up in the 2 week ban usergroup.

    Is this correct assumption:?
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    Mitsubishi Galant & Legnum Owners Club


    • Trevor Hannant
      vBulletin Support
      • Aug 2002
      • 24185
      • 5.7.X

      When the infraction expires, the associated points are removed from the user's point total and the user's infraction groups are recalculated. So, for your Major infraction, the points level won't expire for 80 days. This should be separate from any other banning.
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      • clubvr4
        Senior Member
        • Aug 2010
        • 111

        Thanks for responding.

        So, once the 1 week ban has expired they will still remain on whatever days remain under the " User Infraction Levels" ? or are those now cleared post Ban exiry?
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