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Relative URL setting fails

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  • Ivalde
    During review and investigation, I did find the solution to this.

    For the relative URL setting to operate correctly, the Forum URL is to be set to blank. Doing so, all seems OK to me. The http site then brings the http forum, and the https site then brings the https forum. However, when Forum URL is set to blank the following error message occur for the settings save process: Error: You did not enter a valid value for this setting. The settings are saved anyway, which means the error is ignored. Quite strange; Error is given then ignored? Is such an error handling normal to vBulletin?

    I think the following bug related elements in the vBulletin software has to be fixed:

    1. Forum URL has to be legal ie. no resulting error is to be introduced when set without the initial http, or https alternatively.
    2. Or: The No option setting for forum URL as Base Path has to operate correctly when the complete forum URL is given ie. including the initial http, or https alternatively.

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  • Ivalde
    started a topic [Forum] Relative URL setting fails

    Relative URL setting fails

    For my new vBulletin 4.0.7 forum & blog installed this week I will have a URL mix of http and https depending on whether the user is logged in to the overall forum owner site or not.

    From within the Admin Control Panel, inside settings for Site Name / URL / Contact Details the following 2 settings are set:

    1. Forum URL: http://www.etc Etc. is given in this thread as I cant tell you the domain name as site will be published in a week or two.

    2. Always use Forum URL as Base Path: No

    Due to the No setting for Forum URL as Base Path, I assumed to find any forum links converted to either http or https. But the setting does not work at all, as the forum for all the links always brings me the http even when overall site is set to https. So all the links are still absolute and not relative.

    How to let vBulletin bring me the relative URL’s? I could have set the Forum URL setting to https://www.etc. of course but that’s not what wanted as I will have the mix of http and https depending on overall site status.
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