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Really 'angry' about stylevar's not updating the path....

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  • [Forum] Really 'angry' about stylevar's not updating the path....

    Hi folks,

    I have upgraded an old forum from 3.6.x to 4.06. Have also changed domain to a new keyword rich .co I picked up a few weeks ago.

    Have imported all the relevant threads, and users - one hangover element remains.

    I have spent AGES trying to figure out why:
    some of the image paths still incorrectly refer to the old domain name, as you can see on the first thread's icon on this forum area:

    It says "Angry" with a missing image, the path mentions my OLD domain name, thats been dead for a long time.

    Things I have Checked already:
    there is NO mention of that domain or path in any stylevar
    there is NO mention of that domain or path in any of the templates
    (the templates are infact the default vb4 ones, just with modified stylevars)

    Anybody got any clue what the hell is happening?



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    (I see no "angry" on that page)

    Check admincp > post icons > manager > view > edit > check the path there.

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      Also might want to check your smilies and make sure they don't have any absolute paths as well.
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        It does look to be the Icon Manager.. other Thread Icons refer to that old domain.

        (And, it wasn't mentioned in the 'things I have tried' list. )
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          Lynne, Wayne - thank you SO much, I spent hours on that!

          probably a few years ago I configured those on the old forum, but in the interim Ive never looked at that setting at all.

          lost in the mists of time!

          Thanks once more, its all working now!

          best regards