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Need help with moving large databse to new server

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  • [Forum] Need help with moving large databse to new server

    Sorry, i know this has been asked however, i can only find help for shell access which i dont have. My database is around 150 meg and of course cannot be imported with phpmyadmin. I have tried everything i could find. Bigdump, I even tried to do a few tables at a time. Can anyone help me? Thank you.

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    I don't know any way except with ftp and SSH access. Is there some reason your host won't give it to you (it's normal to have to request ssh access via a tech support ticket)?


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      I do have ssh on the new server now just not on the old one. Whats would be the best way to export the database from my current host and then add to the new server? I have never done this before i am at a loss and pretty much need help.


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        Don't you have cpanel? Use it to download a one time db backup. But really, you should have had daily db backups being made and downloaded.


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          You may be able to connect to the database directly. You can try connecting from your new server with the mysql command as follows:

          $ mysql -u <user> -p<password> -h <hostname>
          Replace <user> with your database user name, <password> with your database password, and <hostname> with the IP address of your old forum server. Note that there is NO space between the -p and <password>. If this works, then try the following to perform a remote backup:

          $ mysqldump -c -x -u -q <user> -p<password> -h <hostname> <database_name> > old_db.sql
          Same as above, but replace <database_name> with the name of your database within MySQL. Note the extra > character is intended, and tells the shell to redirect the backup to a file named old_db.sql. You should be able to restore this on your new server.



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            Originally posted by Videx
            Don't you have cpanel? Use it to download a one time db backup.
            Yes. That backup is going to be created on the server,all databases included.
            With FTP it's possible to dowload.
            On the computer have to unzip it.
            Keep the one needed,delete the others.

            vB5 is unequivocally the best forum software, but not yet...


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              MySQLDumper has never failed to export and import any vBulletin SQL database for me. All you need is FTP access to upload the files, and to create and set permissions for several work folders on Linux servers if the host server runs with safemode enabled.


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