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  • [Forum] image scrolling in 4.0.7


    I run a photography forum. I just upgraded from 4.0.1 to 4.0.7. With the new software the image scrolling for a post with wide images is at the bottom of the post. This doesn't work well if you post a bunch of shots in a post because you have to scroll to the bottom of the post, move the slider over, then scroll back up to check out the right side of the image. In 4.0.1 the scroll bar was at the bottom of your browser so you could scroll there at ANY POINT in a post, not just the bottom.

    Now, I've played with the new stylevar for the maximum width of an image before you scale it, and while it works well it's fundamentally broken for a photo sharing forum because you have no way to get to the full size image once it's been scaled...

    I've also looking on and found both of these:

    I have the first installed, and it works, but it's still not as good as the old way from 4.0.1... Is there any way to modify my style so the scroll bars go to the bottom of the browser window instead of the bottom of the post?

    Here's a perfect example thread:

    make sure your browser window is narrower than the images, then try to see the whole width of the first image. With 4.0.1 you could use the bar at the bottom of the browser while looking at the first shot, now you have to scroll to the bottom of the post, scroll right, then scroll up to see it again.

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    Have you tried setting thumbnail sizes at the size required to fit in the postbit so that the image is then clickable to view full size?
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      yes, but that doesn't help, the scroll bar is still BELOW all the images but INSIDE the post... so you have to keep scrolling up and down to the bar for EACH image....

      also, with thumbs, how would I know what size everyone is using to even make that practical... Everyone on the forum has basically agreed that we should only resize MASSIVE images since we all know how to posts shots at "appropriate" sizes anyway... But the issue is having to scroll top to bottom to get to the bar to THEN scroll left to right for EACH shot...


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        Set the thumbnail size to 600 x 600. Thats a decent size for anyone. If they need bigger, is it really an effort to click the image??

        After setting to 600 x 600 go to

        admincp --> Maintenance --> Update Counters --> Rebuild attachments thumbnails (This is a must do!)

        Go make a cuppa tea, it will take a while to rebuild.

        Having MASSIVE images in posts isn't wise. Slow page loads, more bandwidth etc and a scroll bar!!
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          Originally posted by Project-Buckfast
          Having MASSIVE images in posts isn't wise. Slow page loads, more bandwidth etc and a scroll bar!!
          we're a photography forum....

          so yeah, at the VERY least, 1000px x 1000px is the norm. And I allow 50 pics per page even. Users LOVE it (-vs- other photo forums)....


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            come on guys, your customers run forums and we all get back to our users MUCH faster than this, no? You'd think the forum software's FORUM would be a good place to get answers?


            having it in the post is effectively broken if you post more than 2 images in a post that are too wide.....


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              same question.. this is really bothering me. I changed the automatic image resize with 4.0.6 and now 4.0.7 is adding the scroll bar to each post with large images. I don't want this. I want the forum to act how it did earlier.. posts with large images just overflow the forum and users can scroll the entire page over to see them, and the rest of the thread is untouched (remains the correct width). It should be an option to have image resizing or scrolling within the post enabled or disabled... not automatically enabled with no way to disable it.

              it should be noted that I am referring to images that are linked to with the img tags. I'm not concerned about attachments.


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                well it took a few hours of searching, piecing little bits of information together, and trial & error with VB4's CSS, but I believe I got it:

                added this to the additional.css template:
                .postrow {
                	overflow: visible;
                look up the 'overflow' css property for more info on how to use it.

                also need to make sure that the 'postbit_content_max_image_width' stylevar is set to something that works for your forum.. mine is set to 2500 pixels (default is 100% I believe). This is what controls the automatic image resizing VB4 uses.


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                  thanks, I actually got that same answer via the ticket system (I've given up on posting questions to VB's forum because it takes this long to get answers)...


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                    this is pissing me off. It seems that 4.0.8 added more to do with the image resizing still.. my images are being resized automatically again even though the above is all still set.

                    new stylevars were added under 'Common':

                    I had to change the image_medium_max to something larger just to get images posted on my forum to be wider than 800 pixels. Why in the world are images being automatically limited to 800 pixels? Please just give us a way to control this in the Admin Control Panel instead of changing this with every version release and not telling us how to turn it off


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