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  • [Forum] Troubles with Ad Locations

    I've just upgraded from 3.8.6 to 4.0.7 on my test site. A top priority is getting my ads in place to keep revenue somewhat continuous or at least not to compound any short term losses from search engine referral dropoffs due to the upgrade.

    I quickly found the Adsense integration to be too limited compared to my layout in vB3.

    The Advertising->Manage Ads utility is sharp, but also somewhat limited in its ability to easily include/exclude multiple usergroups or nest conditionals to determine who sees an ad and where.

    So, I've resorted to manual placement in the Ad Location templates via Style manager. No big deal here, I did very well with this in vB3.

    In vB4, I'm still battling format issues. Beyond those, I also notice I've lost the locations that place ads after the first post, at the end of the header and before the quick reply. These are pretty substantial omissions for me, as I didn't want to clutter inside my header with ads and don't like to include them within posts, either. Unfortunately, those seem to be the only [ugly but perhaps more effective] alternatives now.

    Problem is, I can't even get the first and last post content locations to work right for a test. If I put a Google adsense script into them using the Manage Ads utility, the ad only appears in linear mode, not in hybrid or threaded mode. If I put them into the ad location templates manually, they don't appear there at all.

    Has anyone else experience this and if so, do you have a fix or work around?

    Support has been very helpful and I just submitted a bug report on their request. Even so, I was hoping to go live with the upgrade to 4.0.7 at the end of the year once we've tested everything for a few months. In the event the bug is not addressed by then, I'm hoping someone might have advice on the best way to place ads. You can see my current placements here-

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    The main ones are: ad_header_end, ad_navbar_below and ad_showthread_beforeqr. I have others at ad_showthread_firstpost, ad_showthread_firstpost_sig (just added this for a test), ad_forumdisplay afterthreads, ad_forumhome_afterforums and ad_footer_start. Most of these others have direct or close substitutes and they seem to work okay, other than some formatting issues that I can probably resolve with some effort. As a visitor, you see almost all of these placements on my live forums, though they progressively disappear as you gain usergroups and none appear for subscribers.

    Any tips from advertising experts would be greatly appreciated. I need to resolve this before working on the other layout issues I need to resolve before going live with vB4, if I do at all. Please consider I only know enough about template edits to be dangerous and know little about CSS. Thanks!
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    Is anyone out there using multiple Ad locations and having them display properly? I'd really like to see some examples, because as it is, this is preventing me from considering an upgrade to vB4. Without the same Ad Locations as vB3 and with the replacements that don't appear to display correctly in some cases, I see a large drop in revenue if I upgrade, unless there is some corruption in my upgraded test site that support hasn't been able to identify yet. I can get the navbar, after forums and after threads locations to work just like they do in vB3. The header location gives me a lot of layout and overlap issues. The first/last post locations are very buggy and don't seem to display at all in some cases and the footer seems to conflict with the forum sidebar block.

    Support is trying to help me troubleshoot the footer template now. Probably due to my ineptitude, I haven't been able to convey that things aren't appearing or are being displayed incorrectly. Support created a default style and put in text to replace my ads that didn't display properly. Anyway, I took this shot of the text support used to test. It does the same thing as my banners did, even though they work perfectly and display at the bottom of the page in vB3. . Any comments?


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      I agree


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